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All About Instagram Stories

Young blonde in pink beanie taking a selfie for her Instagram StoriesIf you're an avid Instagram user, you've definitely noticed the Instagram Stories feature at the top of your newsfeed whenever you open the app. This feature allows users to share multiple moments from their lives via a slideshow format that includes photo and/or video content. The birth of Instagram Stories came from the popularity of user’s wanting to share moments, but not necessarily wanting to share them forever. Poof! They disappear after 24 hours. This is clearly a big shift in consumer behavior and a big opportunity for brands. With 500 million+ accounts using Instagram Stories every day, adding this feature to your digital marketing strategy is a no-brainer.  

Business Sense + Instagram Stories

Here's a wild figure: 1/3 of the most viewed Instagram Stories are uploaded by businesses

Many companies are already including Instagram Stories into their marketing strategy for 2019. There is no doubt that people enjoy watching Stories and often spend lengthy amounts of time watching. Influencers are using the Stories option to share behind-the-scenes content, launch polls for opinions on products, and share new sales or limited-time promotions.

Why Add Stories?

Some old-school business owners may question the relevance and effectiveness of marketing that essentially disappears. It is important for businesses to take advantage of Stories because it provides a unique opportunity to interact with new and existing customers.  Instagram users want to be shown visually compelling imagery and Stories are a fun way to think outside of the proverbial box and 'get to know' a business. Basically, Instagram Stories provides an outlet to build brand recognition and interact with your audience.

How Ads and Stories Interact

Here are some interesting things you may not know about ads on Stories:

  • Unlike the organic Stories, paid Stories ads, do not disappear within 24 hours.  They are very much like in-feed ads with a specified campaign length.

  • Advertisers can run promotional banners between the slides of other people's Stories.

  • Resharing is a new feature that might see further development where users can share each other's Stories without taking a screenshot and reposting on their own. It'll make sharing incredibly easy.

  • Stories Polls are giving influencers an opportunity to ask their followers how they feel about particular content and products.

It’s no secret, that Instagram is one of the top social media platforms with a variety of consumers visiting each day. Adding Instagram Stories content to your future social media campaigns would make a significant difference in online engagement and sales. Many companies use Instagram as THE place to sell their products, changing the way users interact with them in the app.

You already know that standing out is essential in both the digital marketing world and the social media world (especially since the market is saturated and very competitive). Using Instagram Stories can create a more intimate relationship with your consumers, making them hungry for more of your content. If your brand's marketing targets customers in a specific way, you can reach more potential buyers who have higher potential to become brand loyalists. We recommend that you run Stories in conjunction with in-feed ads so you can grab the attention of the audiences you want to interact with. Now, what are you waiting for…open the app, view the feature, and get your brand out there!

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