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Micro-moments: Leverage the Moments That Matter Most

Micro-momentsIf your business sells tacos, you probably cash in on the hashtag #TacoTuesday. You guesstimate that a high percentage of your customer base will be persuaded to eat tacos on Tuesday, thanks to jokes at work, memes on social media and general knowledge of the spicy food-worshiping day.

Like Taco Tuesday, there are many fleeting — yet desired — moments your mobile audience is researching via search engines. Are you listening for these micro-moments?

What Are Micro-moments?

In the eyes of search-engine guru Google, these are pressing, instant moments where we turn to our electronic devices for quick, reliable answers.

When you're hungry and need to find a nearby Mexican restaurant, you turn to mobile. When you want to know if there's a sequel to your favorite movie from 1982, you turn to mobile. You do the same when you realize you need to dive in and finally order that book you've been spying for two weeks.

In all instances, you're acting on a timely, pressing need, according to Entrepreneur. As a marketer, predict these moments and position your business to be front and center when relevant micro-moments happen in your industry.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

As you polish your marketing strategy, pay attention to your audience's behaviors, Entrepreneur explained. What have they been searching for lately? Are there trends relating to specific days, times of day or time of year? If you can anticipate an upswing in interest, you can generate content that answers those pressing, quick questions at the time they're being asked, making your brand the go-to source for that topic.

Get It Going

Implement real-time data collection from your website visitors, customer calls and social media feeds. Extract the top keyword phrases and use those as the basis for your next round of content creation. These highly-targeted keywords should be evaluated regularly to stay on-trend with impending moments.

Anticipate upcoming moments based on current news and events, Entrepreneur explained. If your business sells winter sports gear and the winter Olympics are airing on public television, you can assume searches and purchases for skis and snowboards will increase due to viewer interest. Align your marketing outreach specifically to this audience for those two weeks to cash in on upcoming micro-moments from winter sports enthusiasts.

Tell stories that relate to the consumer's needs. reminded marketers to ease up on directing readers to e-commerce checkout pages. Instead, give potential customers valuable and interesting information to view. After several short, engaging interactions that don't include a sales pitch, they're more likely to convert into a customer.

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