Rebranding Part 2: Pinpointing Where You Should Revamp

Posted By Ashley Rios on April 12, 2018

rebrandingRebranding a business is no small endeavor, but if you've seen the signs that it's time to rethink your design, messaging or strategy (or maybe all three), then don't put it off any longer.

In this post, the second of our rebranding series, we'll cover how to identify what parts of your brand need an overhaul based on some of the troubling metrics we covered in the first article in the series — including high bounce rates, declining engagement and a decreasing customer lifetime value.

Below, we'll discuss how these metrics correlate with different aspects of your brand and give you some ideas on what you may need to revamp:

Website Design and User Experience

A high bounce rate and poor web traffic metrics generally indicate that your website needs some work. Your site design could be to blame, and an outside opinion is the best way to determine if that's why people are turning away. Agencies can give you an expert perspective, while customer surveys can give you a firsthand impression of what your most important visitors think.

If all second parties are giving you a thumbs-up on your design, then the issue may be user experience. Your UX could have major flaws in workflow or there could be just one crucial point where people are dropping off. Luckily, there are some great tools that you can use to test your site's user experience, including UserTesting and Usability Hub.

If you're a SaaS company, decreasing customer lifetime value could be perilous to your business and may very well be an issue of poor UX. Businesses that rely on customer self-service must have a seamless workflow, so pull out all the stops on testing UX if this applies to you.

Messaging, Outreach and Content

Declining engagement from both customers and prospects could be a sign that your messaging isn't hitting the right pain points or answering the right questions. You may have hooked them with a No. 1 SERP spot or a well-designed ad, but if your nurturing, outreach and content isn't resonating, you'll lose your audience.

Unfortunately, testing your messaging and outreach strategy is more nuanced than checking for UX issues. One of the most common mistakes brands make with messaging is not focusing enough on the customers' wants and needs. Too often, companies go on about how great they are and how novel their tech is, only to neglect to mention how it helps the person to whom they're speaking. Putting customer needs first is paramount.

Again, customer surveys can help you identify any off-putting messaging or disingenuous outreach. You should never stop asking your target audience what they like, what they don't like and how they wish things were different. The more you can leverage customer opinion, the more success you'll see from your rebranding strategy.