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Seasonal Advertising: It's Not Just for the Holidays

Seasonal advertisingIf you think seasonal advertising is all about the holiday shopper, think again. The summer season can actually help you promote your business, especially if you're in a field related to the changing temperatures, like a garden center or an HVAC company. No matter what your business, if you experience seasonal highs and lows, here are some tips to help you capitalize on the season's trends.

Sponsor the Weather

Whether you're advertising on TV or online, running an ad around a forecast means you've got the attention of an audience interested in what's happening outside. As the temperatures rise, so will interest in products like frozen yogurt shops, tanning beds and air conditioners. A recent article in Marketing Land shows that some 50 percent of consumers research purchases on computers, while a majority (67 percent), still buy in-store. In other words, the path to purchase is complex. Linking your brand with a consumer who is already interested in a core aspect of your business gets you over the hurdle of distraction.

Be Educational

According to MultiBriefs, a great way to set yourself apart is to offer classes. One garden center that began offering classes year-round estimates that 70 percent of their students purchase something on site. Scuba centers and surf shops offer a great classroom model and demonstrate that even the classes themselves can (and should) be profitable.

Get Them Where They Live

Now may be the time to consider mobile advertising, if you haven't already. Warmer weather means consumers are more on the go, so geo-targeting those consumers on their mobile devices can be a great strategy for increasing store traffic. Let's say you own an ice cream shop - targeting consumers in the area with promotions or mobile coupons can bring people in the door by reminding them it's hot out and ice cream, especially discounted ice cream, is a great way to cool off.

Be the Weather

There are many ways to incorporate the great outdoors in your seasonal advertising, even if you are the great outdoors. Adweek highlights a clever campaign by The National Park Service that aims to reframe the way people think of our parks. Other businesses that work in the elements, such as roofers, landscapers or tree trimmers, can also benefit from advertising tied to the warmer weather. A campaign that focuses on the weather might mean sponsoring a local hot-dog eating contest, creating branded thermometers, or offering seasonal specials. With a little creativity, you can leverage the time of the season to gain advantage over your competition.

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