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Seasonal Automotive Marketing Best Practices: Part 2

seasonal automotive marketing.jpgSeasonal automotive marketing that isn't aimed directly at car sales usually isn't a priority. However, by leveraging seasonal trends and educating car owners, you can increase business for your service department. Stay top-of-mind with customers and drive traffic to your service department by reminding them of changing service needs that match the seasons.

This is the second part in our 2-part series. If you missed the first one, click here to read it before you continue below. In Part 2, we're giving you ideas to reach your customers with seasonal automotive maintenance promotions that are helpful to them — and profitable for you.


Depending on your climate, snow and ice may be part of your winter experience. This is a great time to market all-season tires and maintenance to heating systems, batteries, lights and engine performance. Think about what questions you most often get at this time of year and create an article that will answer those questions. Native advertising and social media can help you get the message out. Make sure your message focuses on safety and includes a special offer to generate even more engagement.


As winter turns to Spring, it's a good time to let car owners know what maintenance needs to look out for. It's likely that windshield wiper blades and the car's underbody went through the wringer over the winter. It could be the time to get new wiper blades and have the car inspected and cleaned. For snowy climates, salt does a number on paint finish, so this could be a good time to market clear coating or new paint jobs.

Additionally, drivers should get their brakes checked or replaced in springtime, as winter driving can be rough on these essential parts. Offer a special on your 20-point inspection to get more car owners through your doors.


Ah, summer — a time for spontaneous road trips and treks to the beach. While AC is pretty much a need year-round in the south, some customers' AC may need a little TLC, and not just in the cabin. Engine overheating is a big problem during the summer months, so you might recommend having systems flushed and re-filled by a professional.

In warmer temperatures, people may be hauling their boats or RVs more frequently, which usually means they'll need their oil changed often. Truck and SUV drivers may not know this, and would likely appreciate the heads up. Offer an oil change bundle- for example: 4 oil changes for the cost of 3- to ensure your customer comes back to you for each oil change.


Fall always brings the Back to School rush and new routines for families. Time can fly making it easier to forget about car maintenance when autumn arrives. This is another great time to market all-season tires, as well as new batteries and brakes. A general inspection of lights, exhaust, wipers, defrosters and heating and cooling systems is a smart move for car owners. This season is all about convenience, so promote appointments telling your customer you know their time is valuable.

By taking advantage of seasonal automotive marketing, you're helping your customers stay safe on the road while ensuring that they come back to you when it's time to trade in. Use this guide to inform your customers what they will need all year long, and reach them when they need it most.

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