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SEO Techniques: Why Patience Is the Name of the Game

SEO best practicesSEO best practices can be hard to implement, especially when you're first getting started. Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, you aren't getting the speedy results you want for your blog. The key to SEO, however, is to think long-term. Though it may take time and effort, the vast majority of SEO techniques are designed to help your site build traffic in an organic way, boost performance over time and eventually, higher content rankings in search. While it can be tough to wait it out, here are some key reasons why patience, in combination with good SEO practices, is needed to achieve the payoff you're seeking.

Search Engine Algorithms Are Always Changing

It's no secret that Google is constantly tweaking its search engine algorithm, making subtle changes under the hood to ensure that the most relevant content rises to the top of search engine results pages. Marketers have come to expect regular updates, but, as reported in Search Engine Land, Google is working on an update that will automatically refresh data "in real time" rather than relying on manual updates, making algorithm changes all but constant.

This idea might seem scary at first, but if you've got long-term SEO strategies in place that include link building and natural keyword usage, you won't need to fear constant change. Though search engine algorithm tweaks may cause some fluctuations, marketers should see traffic levels ultimately grow. Great, SEO-optimized content will always rise to the top.

Useful Content Has No Expiration Date

If you're creating keyword-stuffed content designed to capitalize on day-to-day trends, it's likely you'll see some dramatic declines in traffic as interest in current topics diminishes. However, if your content is relevant to your business, topical fatigue won't matter, even if your content is tied to a specific date.

For instance, a retail blog looking ahead to the fashion trends for Winter 2015 may see a peak in traffic in the months prior to that, but as consumers continue to search for fashion trends in 2016 and beyond, this content won't wear out as quickly as content based on a fashion fad and stuffed with social media keywords. Although your aim should always be to produce more evergreen (e.g., a winter essentials post) than dated content, no quality content truly expires as long as it's relevant and useful to your audience.

Waiting on Smart SEO Pays Off

Waiting for high-quality content to crack Google's search engine front page can be tiring, but engaging in poor SEO techniques to snag fast results can actually have more hurtful effects. Throwing mediocre or poor content up as quickly as possible won't elevate your company in the search engine results. In fact, SEO practices like keyword stuffing, unnatural link building, cloaking or publishing duplicate content can banish your website to the lowest nether regions of Google's search results and even get your website delisted from all search engines.

With this in mind, it's easy to see why using SEO techniques the right way is worth the wait.

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