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The 5 Major Types of Marketers: Which One Are You?

Types of marketersMarketers across industries and specialties share the same goal: to promote their businesses and products in a way that resonates with their target market. However, the way you approach this goal may vary depending on your unique skills and professional philosophy. Though there are plenty of subcategories, there are five major types of marketers — which type are you?

Which Type of Marketer Are You?

Look at the following questions. Which one feels the most true about yourself? Though several of them might ring true, which one stands out more than the others?

A. Are you always experimenting with new marketing techniques?

B. Are you addicted to social media?

C. Do you prefer to stick to your proven marketing formula?

D. Are you a pro at pinching pennies without sacrificing quality?

E. Do you love the challenge of nationwide, multifaceted campaigns?


The Pioneer

If you answered A and experimenting with new strategies sounds like your M.O., you might be a marketing pioneer! Pioneers are always on the cutting edge of the industry, and they love to experiment with the newest technologies and innovations in the marketing world. This marketer is characterized by a love of new strategies, a penchant for research and a can-do attitude when it comes to experimentation. If you want to be on the front lines of the marketing world and aren't afraid of taking risks, you'll probably find success in this role.

The Trendsetter

Did you answer B? If you're always scoping out the latest marketing trends on Facebook and Twitter, you could be a trendsetter! While the pioneer jumps headfirst into campaigns using the latest marketing concepts and technology, the trendsetter waits to see what's starting to gather some buzz before capitalizing on new marketing concepts. Modern trendsetters are typically active on social media and boast a large network of fellow marketers who they collaborate with to identify the latest marketing trends.

The Traditionalist

If you chose C and you rely on a go-to marketing method that's never let you down, you are probably a traditionalist. The traditionalist is essentially the opposite of trendsetters and pioneers — you know what works in your business and you approach marketing with a consistent game plan that you've developed from years of experience. You stick to a proven formula because you know it will deliver results. While this type of marketer may not always be on the cutting edge, they often have a successful track record that speaks for itself.

The Budget Master

If you went with D and you're all about getting the most bang for your buck, you might be a budget master! This marketer specializes in connecting with customers in a way that doesn't break the bank. Business 2 Community explains that budget masters know how to compare costs to total efficacy, optimize quality of their campaigns and recycle materials. If you're a budget master, you know how to make the most of every marketing dollar, a trait that's likely made you a hero at your small to midsize business.

The Big Spender

Did you choose E? If big, complex projects are up your alley, you could be a big spender! The opposite of the budget master, the big spender often deals with enterprise clients who need nationwide campaigns. Though big spenders typically handle a lot of money, they know where to spend it to ensure the best returns.

Though these types of marketers may seem exclusionary, it's possible to be a combination of two (or more) of these types — you could be a trendsetting budget master or a traditionalist big spender. What kind of marketer are you?

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