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The Best Call-to-Action Phrases You Haven't Used

Best call-to-action phrasesCall-to-action phrases (CTAs) can make all the difference when it comes to return on investment. While you want to write compelling copy to engage customers, you also need to figure out how to take that engagement one step further and drive traffic to your site and product pages, which is where CTAs step in.

Check out these five effective call-to-action phrases, and learn why they work and how to write your own. These CTAs don't necessarily have to be the button copy, but they should make your customer want to click.

1. Be a Better ...

Whether you sell cooking classes ("Be a better baker!") or accounting software ("Be a better accountant!"), this call-to-action phrase solves the immediate need of most consumers by allowing them to be better at their pain point right now. After all, they likely visited your site because you offer cooking tips or assistance with finance management, and this CTA shows you care about providing a solution.

As a bonus, you can add the word "now" at the end of your phrase. While designers often say simpler is better, others argue that urgency sells. Test what works best for you.

2. Build Your ...

This CTA is effective for bundling services or goods, ranging from "Build your housecleaning plan" to "Build your own shaving kit." The text and customization convey a personalized experience for your customer. Plus, it sounds fun — like you're creating whatever you can imagine from a set of building blocks with no limitations.

3. Show Me My ...

This phrasing can inject a white paper or customized report with personality. Whether you offer "Show me my birth chart" or "Show me my webinar replay," this CTA gives something to your customer right now, immediately solving the common issues of urgency and personalization for your visitor.

4. Talk to Us

Many businesses write "Call now," as a CTA but, with this new phrase, you indicate there's someone on the other end of the line. However, if you are unable to have someone available at all times you should avoid relying on this CTA, or risk misleading and upsetting your customers when they call and no one answers.

Delivering excellent customer service provides a higher chance of retaining customers. According to Parature, 62 percent of global consumers say they stopped doing business with a brand due to a poor customer service experience. Make sure you work to meet and exceed their expectations as often as possible, including accurate and informative CTAs.

5. Get Awesome Now

This somewhat generic phrase works well as an invitation, whereas "Sign up now" sounds like a chore and doesn't answer the question of why a prospect should sign up. Something like "Get Awesome Now" has a promise of quality built into it.

Consider the benefits of adding more exciting CTAs to your content. Staying one step ahead of the game with call-to-action phrases that encourage engagement can enable you to drive traffic and deliver a quality customer experience at the same time.

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