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The Combined Power of Google Analytics and Google Ads

young woman wearing headphones and looking at her laptopThe Customer Journey Offers Critical New Data

Today the greater part of a customer's journey happens online. This proportion can go as high as 67%. For this reason, it is important to understand the intricacies of a  consumer’s journey. Through the aid of tools like Google Campaign Manager, Google Analytics and Google Ads, you will be able to study how customers engage with your brand across different devices. For instance, companies will be able to see if users browse the site on their phone but then move to their laptop to complete a transaction. If you learn that many desktop transactions begin on a phone, you might want to spend more of your budget targeting mobile devices.

To better understand a customer's behavior, Google Analytics mainly focuses on how people engage with a website, which channel they came from like Facebook or a Google Ad, and basic demographic information. Powerful insights are derived and integrated into Google Ads to help promote services and products to people that are likely to welcome them. They promote these products through a variety of platforms such as the Google Search browser, YouTube, and many of Google's partner sites and apps. Google Analytics and Google Ads can also be used to target potential shoppers. In this manner, businesses can focus on engaging a specific segment through customized messaging. 

Machine Learning Technology Can Show a Company's Blind Spots

Google Analytics has incorporated machine learning to get the most out of the data that businesses gather from customers. Smart Lists is an analytics machine learning capability that gathers information from a user's location, device, browser referrer, session duration, and page depth. It generates an audience list of visitors that will bring you one step closer to converting them in upcoming sessions or interactions with your business. Smart Lists uses Google Ads to focus your campaign on this group. A study by Greenberg Strategy identified that 88% of consumers want brands to provide useful information at every stage of their journey, all the way from research to purchase. However, only 47% of brands customize their products and provide information along every step of the customer journey. 

Mumzworld Saw a 300% Return on Ad Spend with Google Analytics

Mumzworld, an online retailer that sells baby products, was able to drive a 128% increase in revenue by leveraging advanced solutions within Google Analytics. They also had an increase of 11% in their E-commerce conversion rate, and a 300% return on ad spend. Mumzworld aimed to increase online sales and lower the cost of customer acquisition. Their first strategy was to enhance their e-commerce feature to be able to see what steps of the digital shopping journey increased sales. With this same feature, they were also able to account for their inventory and ensure that they were not wasting their ads on products that were not in stock. Mumzworld studied the analytics of users that had visited their website but had not made a purchase. Following this, they targeted their ads to these individuals to convert them into sales. 

For businesses to be able to see the whole picture, it is useful for them to link Google Analytics and Google Ads. The combined capabilities of these two tools will allow for richer data through offerings like the Analytics Multi-channel Funnels reports. Ultimately, linking the two will allow businesses to move between different products to obtain a more complete understanding of the customer journey. By using these insights, companies will be able to create new campaigns, and they will be able to incorporate findings on engagement from Google Analytics with Google Ads for greater visibility. All of this will help companies make better decisions when optimizing their campaigns.

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