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The Top Austin Digital Marketing Trends for Any Brand

Austin digital marketing trendsDigital marketing is a great tool for reaching the world, but that doesn't mean the local community can be ignored. Enhanced location targeting through search engines, social media and other online channels have made it easy for marketers to narrow their scope when disseminating a message online.

For brands both based in Austin, Texas, and those simply looking to expand their presence in that vibrant market, digital marketing is a key that can unlock the city. The best Austin digital marketing trends are those that take advantage of the city's unique makeup of concerts and events, leveraging social technology and other digital channels to meld brand messages with that intimate, in-person experience.

If you're looking to grow your brand in Austin, here are some strategies to get you moving forward.

Sponsored Events, With a Digital Twist

Events are always eager to bring brands into the mix. Through sponsorships and other partnerships, brands can easily set up a presence at an event, even without being physically located in Austin. Through giveaways and a sponsorship presence on event materials, your company can promote its social accounts and encourage connections between consumers. You can offer promotions to reward social following, and your brand can interact with event-goers even while the event is taking place.

In that way, brands can remotely operate a more intimate branded experience with consumers, building a gradual presence through their Austin digital marketing. IBM recommends using your customer data to identify the best channels and best times to engage your customers, and then using those strategies to personalize your marketing campaign to your target audience.

Setting Up On-Location

Even when brands decide to build a personal presence at events, their digital properties can still receive much of the attention. In Austin, various festivals, sporting events and nightly concerts create a prime opportunity for connecting with consumers in this way, particularly when brands are targeting college students and young adults. By building a personal presence, you can push email sign-ups, run product and website demonstrations, encourage connection on social media and push other digital channels and content that will stick with consumers and move your brand forward.

Location-based targeting strategies can also amplify your presence beyond the venue, drawing in other consumers who might otherwise miss out on what you have to offer.

Getting in the Door at SXSW

The centerpiece of Austin's event scene is SXSW, which is actually a combination of several types of festivals spanning music, film, tech and so much more. Brands that want a presence in Austin should focus on staking out territory in this annual event. There are dedicated panels and events for digital marketing-specific brands and initiatives, but you should scour the offerings to see where your business's interests might be best focused. Depending on the available options, you could try to make an appearance as a vendor, an attendee or even a festival participant. Attending SXSW will introduce you to Austin while also expanding your footprint among the world's top influencers.

Austin is one of America's great cultural hubs, making it the perfect place for many brands to build a strong presence. Use events alongside digital marketing to open important doors in Texas.

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