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Top Marketing Trends in the Legal Industry

close-up of lady justice holding scalesFollowing an over-saturation of the legal field about a decade ago, many firms have struggled to remain competitive in their local markets. With the general public having so many options for legal representation, staying in business as a firm has become a matter of savvy marketing. But what trends should firms be aware of as they build their marketing strategy? How can firms ensure they're ahead of the curve when it comes to earning clients' trust?

We've rounded up some of the top marketing trends in the legalindustry today. Anticipate these trends' evolution and growth alongside technological innovation and improved marketing education within the legal sphere. You may be surprised by how many opportunities there are for firms to market their services and land clients.

Content Creation

Content creation is a critical aspect of inbound marketing. It's the process of creating valuable content by way of a blog, social media, and other similar posts throughout the internet with the intent to guide web users to you. Many law firms are finding that blogs provide the perfect space to flex their creative muscles, offer detailed insight into granular topics, and create exposure for themselves and their offices.

Blog posts are a great way to optimize your firm's website, stand apart from the competition, and draw in potential clients. Nearly 80% of internet users read blogs; it's no wonder that the legal sphere is quickly beginning to catch onto the trend.

Podcast Interviews

Podcasts are another excellent way to position yourself or your firm as an authority figure. As an added bonus, you don't need to worry about writing out lengthy blog posts or concern yourself with whether your audience has the time to read your content. Podcasts are easy to access anytime, anywhere and they allow you to communicate more naturally than writing does.

51% of the US population has listened to a podcast-- and regular podcast listeners have been shown to fit the mold of many firms' ideal client: educated, affluent, and loyal. These individuals have the cash and know-how to take advantage of legal services, and they're loyal enough to their favorite podcasts that they're unlikely to miss marketing that's intended for them.

Improving Data Collection and Analytics Efforts

Collecting, analyzing, and using data as a way to market more effectively is far from a new concept. Marketers across a wide berth of industries have relied on these tactics for decades as a reliable way to generate leads, track consumer behavior, and ensure they're targeting the proper audience.

How can a law firm use data to its benefit? It's easier than you might think. Try checking to see which referral partner netted you the most revenue last year (or even last month)-- that's a piece of data that could make deciding where to channel your referral efforts much easier. Test out how many leads from your website actually converted to paying clients.

Starting to see a pattern here? Data doesn't need to be excessive or exciting to be useful. Marketing firms around the nation have begun to realize this and are now moving to bolster their data collection and analysis efforts.

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