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Tweets Come to Google Search

Social media and Google searchSocial media is becoming a more powerful force, thanks to a new partnership between Twitter and Google. According to Marketing Land, this latest deal gives Google access to Twitter's full stream of publicly tweeted content, allowing Google to more easily find and display tweets in search engine results. This new Twitter search collaboration is a definite win for marketers, providing amazing opportunities for reaching new audiences.

Publicize Deals and Timely Tweets

Have you ever wished you could change how your business appears on Google's search engine results page to reflect your current campaigns and marketing pushes? Now you can. Since Google will be running recent tweets in its search results, you can get the word out about recent promotions in a way that wasn't possible before. For instance, a local restaurant can send out tweets that include information on a half-price appetizer promotion for Twitter followers. Diners who are searching for this restaurant on Google — perhaps to see menu information, confirm hours or make a reservation — will see that tweet and follow the restaurant on Twitter before they come in to get the deal.

Capitalize on Rave Reviews

Gaining followers and drawing attention to marketing campaigns aren't the only opportunities this new Twitter search partnership opens up. It also provides a great way for you to share your best social media reviews with consumers. Keeping with the restaurant example above, marketers can encourage followers to snap pictures of their favorite dishes and include short reviews. The restaurant can then feature the best of these reviews by retweeting them, thereby getting exposure for the original Twitter user and piping positive reviews into Google's search results. Marketers can further incentivize this behavior by offering special deals or follow-backs to followers who share their reviews on Twitter.

Get Consumers to Say Yes Sooner

Looking to turn browsers into buyers? Tweets that appear in Google search results can be a great avenue for enticing consumers who are merely thinking about a brand to act immediately. For example, recent tweets about a chef's special — available for a limited time and accompanied by a convenient reservation link — could entice consumers who are simply searching for information about your restaurant to click the link and make a reservation.

Marketers have long known the value of a robust social media strategy, and this newest development will help them reach more people than ever with messages that matter to them. Make sure you're taking advantage of this new search functionality by delivering tweets that draw attention to your business, highlight deals and encourage action — not just from your company's follower base, but from those who might search for your company on Google, as well.


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