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Use Call Tracking Software to Foster Happy Customers

Call tracking softwareData analytics is a cornerstone of effective digital marketing, and the challenge for many of today's organizations is finding ways to bring this data to traditionally offline channels. Until all channels of a marketing campaign can be effectively tracked and analyzed, marketers are only working with part of the picture — and that means they'll never have a truly comprehensive view of their company's performance.

In that regard, call tracking software addresses a major blind spot that marketers have had to work around. Thanks to increased referral traffic from mobile devices, along with innovative strategies for tracking calls and collecting data, marketers now have the tools necessary to examine the organization's success in using phone calls to improve the customer experience. As HubSpot pointed out, It can also shed light on which channels are most effective at driving phone referrals, which will improve budget allocation for marketing campaigns in the future.

Understanding Your Customer Service Performance

A simple benefit of call tracking software is that it shines a light in areas where data is limited, and perhaps completely absent. Tracking give managers the ability to see whether calls are being answered, how long hold times stretch, the duration of these calls and other basic data points.

These general performance metrics provide a simplified view of whether your call-based customer service is meeting expectations, and whether changes to your phone call strategy might improve the customer experience by eliminating pain points that frustrate customers or prevent them from having their needs met.

Analyzing Engagement

Good call tracking software can offer data that reflects the finer points of your customer engagement efforts. Call recording can record phone calls to monitor them for performance analysis and future training.

Certain common themes and questions posed by incoming customer calls could inspire the organization to use automated voice response to handle common queries, with the option of transferring to a live representative if the automated service can't solve the problem. Or these common questions could be addressed on your website in a FAQ's page. In addition, a phone call software solution makes it easier to build a complex call-routing system that identifies common call categories and routes them to the best customer service professionals.

Tracking Call Referrals

To get a clear view of how phone calls drive business for your brand, call referral tracking is critical. Good tracking software can serve this goal in several ways. For one, it can track online-to-offline referrals based on what customers click on their smartphones to initiate a call. This could be a Google business listing or an online advertisement, or the phone call listed on your website or in another directory.

Call tracking software can also use dynamic phone sourcing to manage a range of different phone numbers unique to a specific marketing channel. Through this system, a phone number listed on a direct mailing will be specific to that mailed content, and any phone call received through this number can be easily linked to the direct mailing. This gives brands the ability to use digital technology to track the performance of campaigns taking place entirely offline.

Using this technology turns your phone call strategy into a much more productive, effective piece of your marketing front — and your customers will directly benefit.

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