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Use Hypertargeting To Reach Your Ideal Customer

Hypertargeting to reach your ideal consumerCasting a wide net is certainly a nice thought when it comes to growing your business. Why wouldn't you want to reach as many potential customers as possible? Although you never want to turn away potential leads, focusing your efforts through hypertargeted marketing can help you reach consumers all over the Internet that are most likely to be interested in your business. This type of marketing can also identify those leads that might become the much-desired repeat customer.

What Is Hypertargeting?

Put simply, hypertargeting is a method of identifying consumers who would be interested in patronizing a certain type of business. 

These users are found primarily by using information shared through social networking profiles and online behavior patterns. For example, if you own a surf shop in south Florida, you might want to look for potential consumers who live in Florida, are under 50, post often about going to the beach and regularly view surf-related websites. You will certainly have customers who won't fit this profile exactly. However, focusing your efforts on the group that is most likely to visit your business allows you to reach more people who might be receptive to your brand instead of paying top dollar to reach large groups of people with no interest in surfing.

Identifying Your Customer

Making the decision to hypertarget is easy. Deciding whom to target is where many businesses find themselves stuck. Market research is a key component. Before you launch headlong into a hypertargeted campaign, you should ask yourself about your ideal customer types. What education level do these customers have? What ages are they? Do they have kids? Do they live in a certain region? What hobbies do they enjoy?

Try to get as specific as possible with your consumer profile, even if you don't think certain categories matter. This process is known as persona profiling. You need to completely flesh out the "customer" you are creating, with as many details as possible. You might be surprised how much small details, such as favorite movie genre or number of children, affect your brand's appeal to certain demographics.

Hypertargeting is a great way to make your marketing dollars count by reaching those that are most likely to be interested in your business and to extend your marketing reach. Strategic partners can help you identify where your business has the most growth potential. Though you may have an idea about where an untapped consumer market exists, experienced digital marketing professionals zero in on exactly which type of consumer you want to reach. They can help you create a strategy to use hypertargeting and reach extension to grow your overall business presence.

It may take some time and research to identify your ideal customer. With a little perseverance and the right partner you can grow your customer base and make your marketing budget work for you.

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