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Use IP Targeting to Reach New Movers

IP Targeting to Reach New MoversIf you've ever moved before, you know how labor intensive it can be. There are moving trucks to reserve or moving companies to hire. You need to cancel utilities at one place, start them at your new home, move out of your current place and possibly sell your home before finding a new place to live.

On top of all this, you must make sure you have a bed to sleep in every night. People have a lot of needs when they're moving, and companies that serve that industry want to be the solution. IP targeting is a digital marketing strategy that has proven especially effective in helping these businesses connect with their consumer base. Digital marketing channels abound, but using IP addresses supports unique strategies for companies that want to reach an audience of movers.

Take Advantage of Offline Data

Every individual IP address corresponds to a specific physical address. For businesses, this isn't always precise: An entire company's rang of IP addresses may be registered to a single physical address, even though all devices are in different locations.

For individual consumers and residential homes, IP addresses are more likely to be unique to that location, resulting in greater accuracy. Using secure technology that does not reveal personal information, marketers can match addresses with a diverse collection of offline data, such as real estate listings, voter registrations, direct mail data and customer databases. Many of these data points can offer hints that a consumer might be about to move or might have recently moved to the area. Companies can use this information to specifically target the devices associated with those households, catching them at a crucial juncture in the process.

Identify Pre-Move Consumers

The ability to identify pre-move consumers is of particular importance since those individuals will have so many needs over the coming weeks and possibly months. For example, using data on real estate listings gives moving companies the ability to target consumers before they've reached a sale agreement, and possibly before they have invested into other services they will need for their upcoming moves, such as temporary storage or professional cleaners.

In some cases, moving-related brands might even benefit from targeting based on certain events or locations, such as job fairs or extended-stay hotels. The most valuable data will be found early in the moving process, giving companies a larger window of opportunity with that prospect.

Analyze ROI Easily

Because of how consumers are targeted and how conversions take place, marketers can get a picture-perfect view of their ROI when IP targeting new movers. The right technology can cross-reference the list of addresses targeted through the IP with the list of recent sales. When an address appears on both, it can be marked as a successful conversion.

This is reliable data that shows conversions regardless of how much the consumer's path-to-purchase winds. If a customer clicks on an ad, goes away, forgets about your company, but remembers you two weeks later and signs up without a direct referral, you can still count that consumer as a conversion.

The transparency of value offered by IP targeting is just one of many benefits, and for companies targeting movers at a specific moment in their lives, it's a great tool to understand and shape your digital marketing efforts.

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