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Using Audience Targeting to Reach Supermom

Audience targeting to reach momsBeing a mom in the 21st century is a tough business. Stay-at-home moms, working moms and even work-at-home moms are facing increasing demands and pressures on their schedules. As marketers, it can be tough to reach a demographic that is seemingly always on the go and checking things off her to-do list with rapid-fire efficiency. While supermoms often power through the day with laser-focus, marketers can use audience targeting in a way that feels familiar, meaningful, and doesn't interfere with busy schedules. Ignoring the group just isn't an option. Moms are often the key financial decision makers in the household, according to a report by ClickZ

The Mobile Opportunity

While these ladies can be difficult to reach, there's one thing you'll never see them without - their mobile phone. It's not just a phone. It's a planner, organizer, shopping list, alarm clock and maybe even entertainment for an antsy toddler. Fortunately, all that screen time gives marketers the opportunity to engage with mom in a way that seamlessly fits into her lifestyle. mobile targeting options allow you to align your marketing goals to reach moms during critical points in the decision-making process and buying cycle. Grocery stores, for example, may want to showcase their weekly BOGO specials while mom is adding items to her shopping list via her favorite list app.

Location Targeting

Mobile also gives us insights into this demographic's on-the-go behavior. If mobile behavior shows mom has recently been to car dealership, you may want to showcase your lease specials while she's checking the day's weather forecast. For retailers it can be a dream. According to the BabyCenter and IAB 2015 State of Modern Motherhood Report, eight in 10 U.S. millennial moms use their phones for shopping while in the store. This common practice presents a great opportunity for you to reach moms organically, in real-time, while they are making decisions about purchases. Remind mom again of that BOGO offer while she is on aisle 7 choosing cereal for the week. You get a customer and mom gets a great deal. It's a win-win!

Making Facebook a Priority

Taking it a step further, modern moms are often engaged and very active on social media, with 81 percent responding to a Pew survey in 2015 saying that they use Facebook. While mobile Web audience targeting comes with its own benefits, advertising on social networks (and Facebook especially) needs to be a priority if you're looking to reach Supermom. And moms aren't just reading on Facebook, either: 76 percent of Facebook-using respondents said they "frequently" or "sometimes" use Facebook to share, post or comment. Targeting this audience with relevant content that interests them can pack some major ROI. This engaged group will get your content liked, reshared and commented on by the very people you're hoping to reach.

Perhaps even more interestingly, Digiday reports that it's vital for brands not to get their marketing to the millennial mom wrong. Brands should try to reach this demographic in a way that feels organic. One easy way to target moms using Facebook is to serve ads based on "likes" they already have. The local Toyota dealer may want to serve ads to moms who have already liked Toyota USA.

Reaching Supermom sounds like a lofty goal, and you definitely have to do your market research before rolling out an effective strategy. However, by making smart use of the mobile platform and targeting moms on social networks like Facebook, you can effectively reach this crucial demographic.

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