Video Ads That Work

Posted By Pete Stafford on January 29, 2020

Video ads can be incredibly effective for your marketing efforts, but they do require strategic planning to be successful. You want viewers to engage with your video ads, watch to the end, and take action - not skip through to find more compelling content. The best video ads are relatable, actionable, relevant and interesting. In this post, we'll lay out some best practices for creating video ads that work, and we'll offer some innovative ideas about how to use video ads to capture key demographics and how Connected Video can help.


With so much content to choose from, viewers give their attention to pieces that speak to their passions. According to research conducted by Google, watching content relating to their passions was 3 times more important than whether the content featured a famous actor, and 1.6 times more important than whether it had high production value. The lesson is clear: before you spend vital marketing dollars on big names or flashy production values, make sure the subject of your video will resonate with your target audience.


An effective video ad will guide the viewer to take action at the end, and Google research indicates that over half of shoppers have used videos to help them make decisions, so you want to capture them in that decisive moment. If a viewer has watched your entire ad, it means they're engaged with the subject matter and are looking to you for guidance. Make sure your ad has a clear goal (like getting the viewer to visit your website or make a purchase), and provide them with an easy path toward that goal - seamless e-commerce with as few clicks as possible to the conversion.


Meeting the consumer's actual needs helps your ad get noticed. As Think With Google notes, online video viewers want "focused inspiration and advice for common situations". If you can help them answer a question or solve a real-world problem, you'll earn viewers' loyalty rather than being dismissed as another sales pitch.


This seems like an obvious point, and it is, but HOW can you engage viewers and stand out from the sea of content vying for their attention? How can you craft a video ad that compels viewers to commit to watching it? Your ad needs to start with a bang, something that grabs their attention and entices them to keep watching. This could be an intriguing visual, a question that makes them want to keep watching to learn the answer, or a promise that the ad will be truly helpful in their decision-making process.

Video Inspiration

Looking at successful examples of video ads also reveals a few key elements to consider including. The ads featured in this HubSpot compilation showcase some highly effective techniques. Some tell heartwarming stories with very minimal branding, appealing to viewers' emotions rather than touting a particular product. Some share real-world stories of customers using a product in innovative ways. And others tell powerful, motivational stories that challenge viewers' preconceived ideas.

It's also important to consider where and when your video ads will be seen. With Connected Video, your content can reach 9 out of 10 internet users across all devices, and you can target viewers with pre-roll, social, OTT or Outstream with transparent KPI reporting and attribution.

By using effective techniques and connecting to viewers' interests, passions, and motivations, you can create video ads that won't get skipped and will lead to action and connection. Contact CMG Local Solutions for help creating a video strategy that will transform your business.