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How Voice Search Will Impact Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is now one of the most essential tools in marketer's lives. The marvel of its size is increasing every day as more marketers realize the importance of digital within their marketing plans. eMarketer's recent report on US ad spending revealed the numbers that back what most marketers already know: digital marketing are on the rise. In fact, 54% of all advertising in the US is allocated to digital marketing services.

There are many digital marketing tools used today, and voice search is one of the hottest trends. According to eMarketer, 91.0 million people, or 27.6% of the US population, will use a voice assistant via any device at least once per month in 2018.

Below are the top ways through which voice search can impact your digital marketing this year.

Enhanced Value of Local SEO

Voice search will improve the value and the importance of the local Search Engine Optimization in 2019. This will be vital for the brick and mortar stores which do not only wish to improve traffic and sales. Voice search boosts the overall user experience, so Google and other major search engines are putting more efforts into voice search optimization.

The essential factors of optimization include featured snippets, long tail keywords & questions, structured data, customer reviews, page speed, and user intent. "Near me" search phrases have become common and important to local SEO. Voice search will be able to offer accurate results to such queries without users mentioning their specific location.

The Growth of Artificial Intelligence

Digital marketing companies intend to use artificial intelligence to enhance their voice search experience. With machine learning, deep learning and RankBrain, businesses will be able to compile and analyze large amounts of marketing data.

AI has been effective in analyzing images, data, marketing materials, and website layout. Therefore, marketers are going to leverage AI to optimize their content and website for voice search.

More Emphasis On Position Zero

If you are conversant with featured snippets, then you are probably aware that they occupy position zero in the search results. Just like snippets, today's digital marketing methods aim to earn the spot of position zero.

Voice search depends on position 0 to provide answers to common questions. As such, you need to optimize your content to earn the spot. Basically, this involves using queries that are likely to generate the Answer Box.

Final Remarks

We cannot deny the fact that voice search is here to stay. Its market is estimated by Technavio to be at least $601 million in 2019. With devices and tools like Siri, Google Assistant, OK Google, and Alexa, voice search is going to take the digital world by storm.

Start using it today for your digital marketing and you will improve the percentage of your sales performance. For more on this topic, check out our White Paper here.

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