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Web Development for Small Businesses: 4 Common Website Design Mistakes

Web DevelopmentPushing the "publish" button on a new website amplifies a small business launch. But when time runs short, a grand opening looms and social media fans clamor for information, it's not unheard of to activate a website early. Don't get in a rush with web development and fall victim to these four brand-damaging and potentially profit-squashing website design mistakes.

1. Website Voice: It's All About Me, Not You

Educate the audience, but don't talk solely about the perks of your products or services. Conduct market research to discover how your audience is growing, suggested J Media Group. Then, create a content marketing strategy that addresses top concerns and primary needs.

For example, draw people to your HVAC business by creating a blog geared at homeowners who crave property maintenance tips. After providing help with installing new furnace filters or explaining how to reduce winter heating costs, guess which business becomes a trusted source when it's time for an estimate on a new central air system?

2. Website Offers: The One and Done Approach

If you're still advertising a grand opening special as the one-year anniversary approaches, your website is outdated. Instead, prepare monthly marketing strategies to stay current and offer valuable information for visitors.

Some businesses plan around holidays, while others work with the natural flow of demand surrounding their product. You should ramp up promotion of cooling systems as summer approaches and focus on furnace and boiler information when fall arrives. According to a report from TrackMaven and published by eMarketer, you should consider measuring the performance of the content, then customize upcoming strategies based on what works.

3. Website Visuals: More Color, Photos and Videos

Just because you can embed YouTube videos with two clicks doesn't mean you need to put them on every page. Too many visuals are distracting. Simple, clean websites appear more professional and easy to navigate than overcrowded pages.

According to Fast Company, as you pour through audience analysis and discover what customers want most and where they're looking for it, use that information to design landing pages on your website. Pay attention to what's visible above the fold before visitors need to scroll down for more information.

Consider your products and services when providing a few simple words or a short video to your audience. Readers also should clearly know how to contact your business and find its social accounts online. There needs to be an enticing reason to stay on the site, such as a sale banner or engaging blog post.

4. Website Management: Trying to Do it All

Single-handedly maintaining and populating your website is challenging. From coding and updates to content creation and visual design, it's beneficial to leverage IT pros and website developers for expert assistance.

Creating relevant, timely content consistently is tough. Consider turning to social media influencers who have an interest in your industry. Hire influencers as guest bloggers who won't only pen great content for the website, take original photos and create organic calls-to-action based on a guest perspective, but they'll also share the content with their audience. This helps increase your business' exposure to more potential customers, according to DigiDay.

A polished digital presence ensures your branding and marketing efforts are instantly recognizable and trustworthy. Don't let a silly web development design error make customers question the effectiveness and legitimacy of your business.

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