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What Is Retargeting and Why Every Campaign Should Include This Marketing Boomerang

RetargetingWhen you try a new recipe and it turns out to be something amazing, let's say a mouth-watering homemade lasagna, you don't make it once and call it a day. It becomes part of your dinner rotation because you know every time it pops up on the menu, a satisfying meal awaits.

Think of your creative marketing assets in the same light. When you create an ad that gets people talking, thinking, engaging, and clicking, it's best to serve it up again to get the most bang for your creative buck.

What Is Retargeting?

We're a busy society. Sometimes we have to see an enticing ad a few times to take action to complete a transaction. Retargeting ads are that gentle reminder that keeps a product or service top-of-mind on our most hectic days. When messaging pops in during downtime, users are likely to click through and finally find out what your offer is all about, complete that shopping cart transaction or fill out the form. Most importantly, they are showing once more that they are becoming a strong potential new customer.

When a consumer sees an ad for the second, third, or even the fourth time, the conversion rate actually increases, according to Larry Kim at WordStream. The overall engagement (click-through) rate may decrease, but the audience quality increases and those retargeting actions translate to sales.

Why Retargeting Should Be Part of Every Marketing Campaign

You have a set campaign budget, so use it wisely. Incorporating retargeting will ensure you are capitalizing on the interest generated from your marketing investment and continue to nudge consumers through your purchase journey. By placing extra effort on retargeting, you can simultaneously increase consumer engagement and build brand awareness among your audience.

We're all bombarded with ad messages every day, we all actually need repetition in our lives. Retargeting is the repetition that delivers ROI.

To learn more about retargeting and how it can benefit your next ad campaign, reach out to one of our marketing professional. They're happy to walk you through the process so you can see how simple it is to implement this highly effective marketing option.

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