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Why "Click Here" is Dead

Why "Click Here" is deadIf there's one phrase that's been overused in the marketing world, it's "Click here." While this simple call-to-action (CTA) rose to prominence in the 1990s (when Internet marketing was in its infancy), this standby phrase is one relic that's refused to go away despite a need for retirement. This is especially clear when you consider that consumers are using touch-based devices to access content at an increasing rate, which technically makes "Click here" outdated in addition to overused. (When was the last time you truly "clicked" on something?)

While some may feel a nostalgic attachment to "Click here," it's simply not always an effective way to motivate consumers in today's world, especially because this phrase is so common that it's easily overlooked. The world of digital marketing is evolving all the time, and your CTAs need to evolve as well. If you truly want to reach modern consumers, it's time to put this old phrase out to pasture and try crafting your own unique call-to-action. Here's how.

Keep It Short and Sweet

One reason why "Click here" was such an effective marketing tool several decades ago is because of its brevity. Though two-word calls-to-action won't always work, marketers should try and keep CTA messages as short and direct as possible. For example, if you're promoting a new wrap at a sandwich shop, you might trying something like "Try our newest panini for $1." This phrase is specific to the deal, encourages action, and best of all, it isn't too long and can fit neatly on a button or banner.

Enable Easy Action

One of the biggest causes of consumer/marketer disconnect is that the task suggested in the CTA might feel too complicated for the consumer to bother, according to One of the reasons "Click here" worked so well in its day is that it invited consumers to perform the simplest of tasks: clicking on a link. So instead of saying "Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive 10 percent off your next combo meal" (which may imply that the customer has to do more work than he has time for), you might say something like "Save 10 percent on lunch today." Even if both of these prompts lead to your customer having to fill out the same form, the implication with the second approach is that the process will be quick and easy. Therefore, you'll attract more clicks and, potentially, conversions. Score!

Switch It Up

"Click here" kicked off a marketing trend in action-oriented calls that begin with a verb, which has proven to be an effective formula. But don't be afraid to switch that up. Diversify your marketing copy, so that instead of "Try our new panini," you might use something like "Our new panini has three kinds of cheese and costs just $1 this week only."

Although it can be tough to shake off old habits, once you start willing yourself to replace that tired old "Click here" with something more creative, you'll find that consumers will engage with you more. Don't be afraid to put this overused expression up on the shelf in favor of new calls-to-action that are more interesting and much more effective. Try it today!

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