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Working With a Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner

Google Adwords Premier SMB PartnerSeveral years ago, Google launched its Premier SMB Partner program as an opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to gain better online resources through the search engine giant. Becoming a Premier SMB Partner is no easy feat: the company outlines a number of mandatory qualifications each business must meet in order to join the SMB Partner program. At the top of this list is greater transparency, which allows Google to vet each incoming partner and take an inside look at its operations.

Understandably, Google doesn't want to partner with companies that aren't well-run. The company also doesn't want to refer online consumers to businesses where they may have a bad experience. In order to create incentive for those businesses, Google has outlined a number of valuable services brands can enjoy by becoming a member. This reciprocal relationship is why Cox Media Group became a partner in the program back in 2012.

"The Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner program was created to help small- and medium-sized businesses who don't have the time or resources to manage their advertising campaigns," says Ben Wood, head of Google's Americas channel sales partnerships. "Our PSP partners like Cox Media Group offer expertise, experience, and end-to-end customer service so business owners can focus on running their businesses."

Google's goal is that its Premier SMB Partner program will provide better, more reliable online products and services to digital marketing businesses — and that those businesses can then pass the same benefits on to their own clients. For small- and medium-sized businesses, working with an established Premier SMB Partner can open up a wellspring of opportunities. Here are some of the key benefits.

Increased Support From Google

One of the benefits Google offers to its partners is exceptional support services. In addition to increased training and testing for a variety of tools and processes, Google will sometimes send representatives to assist with large projects or campaigns in person. Small businesses who work with Google's Premier SMB Partners are able to reap the benefits of these resources and can feel confident in their partner. It's like having the power of Google in your back pocket.

Elevated Reputation Compared to Your Competition

Becoming a Premier SMB Partner isn't easy. Some businesses don't have the resources to meet the requirements, while others simply won't put in the work. By working with one, you can be sure that your digital marketing is in good hands. When your marketing is being handled by a company that meets the strict requirements of the world's most popular search engine, consumer awareness and the perceived expertise of your own business will grow, cultivating an increasingly stronger brand reputation. Your customers will judge you by the company you keep, and in the digital world, a Google Premier SMB Partner is a highly valued ally.

To learn more about how Cox Media Group and Google work together to provide digital solutions to local advertisers, check out the video below.


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