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Your Digital Presence Cheat Sheet

Digital presenceIn today's always-on, hyperconnected world, it is simply not enough just to have a digital presence. It requires almost no effort to just have a website and maybe a social media profile or two, but in order to really reach consumers, it is essential that you connect with them in as many ways as possible, using all of the tools at your disposal. Not sure where to start? Here's your digital presence checklist:

1. Do You Have a Responsive Website?

Google recently published a report that suggests that over two-thirds of websites are using responsive design — but Marketing Land suggests that they might be considering a skewed sample. No matter what the actual statistics are, the fact is that your business needs to be optimized for mobile. The Web is shifting more and more toward the mobile platform, and the fact is that businesses that don't adapt to this changing landscape now risk being left in the dust later.

2. Have You Been Updating Your Directory Listings?

It's tempting to think of directory listings as just "being there," but the fact is that you need to maintain and continuously update listings in order for this marketing tactic to be effective. For instance, if your business has longer hours during the holidays, it is vital that your listings reflect that, as consumers will be searching for hours information online, and incorrect listings could deter shoppers from visiting your business.

3. Are You Publishing New Content Regularly?

Though it's easy to simply publish a few blog posts a year and consider that segment of your overall marketing strategy addressed, the fact is that content marketing isn't just a box you can check once. In order to truly connect with consumers, we need to be publishing relevant content regularly. Whether your cadence is daily, weekly or even monthly will largely depend on your business and target audience. However, simply publishing a few posts and then letting your content just sit there is never a good plan.

4. How's Your SEO?

While you're looking at your content marketing, take a hard look at your SEO as well. Are you using well-established techniques that allow search engines to find your site organically? While you don't necessarily need to keep up with all the latest trends in search algorithms, making sure that you are implementing pertinent keywords in your content in a natural way and taking advantage of established SEO trends will ensure that the right searchers can continue to find your business.

5. Are You Targeting New Consumers?

While it's always important to cater to your base, growing your business and identifying new markets is just as crucial. Using social media to target potential new consumers is a great start, but it is vital that you use advanced techniques like geotargeting, paid search marketing and mobile ads to reach consumers who would be most likely to patronize your business.

Maintaining your digital presence across multiple channels is a big job. Though some of us choose to go it alone, it can be useful to have a solid partner in your corner who knows how to navigate the world of digital marketing and can manage the multiple facets of your campaign with ease.

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