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3 Irresistibly Click-Worthy Call to Action Examples of 2016

Call to action examplesE-commerce depends on clicks, and these call to action examples (CTAs) have successfully generated not only clicks but conversions. If you're not sure how well your CTAs are converting, you can check your average bounce rate. Bounce happens when visitors leave your website without taking any action or, put another way, without responding to your site's CTAs. According to the research firm Compass, e-commerce businesses average a 57-percent bounce rate, while the best companies perform at 35 percent.

The higher your bounce rate, the more likely it is that your visitor didn't find what they were looking for when they got there. To achieve the hallowed conversion, your site's main function should be to help them find it. In addition to being obvious, however, effective CTAs are enticing. Check out how the following companies made their calls to action irresistible.

2016 Best Call to Action Examples

1. The Freebie (Danielle LaPorte)

Visitors to LaPorte's website are in search of inspiration in their lives. Her current pop-up (like a savvy marketer, they change regularly) is a free offer aimed right at her audience. The headline reads, "The right words, just when you need them." Below it says, "For a limited time, download Fight for Your Joy, my audiobook for helping you to get to where the joy lives—inside of you. Free." It's a pop-up that covers most of the site, and the visitor must click, "No, thank you, I don't want this free audiobook," to get back to the home page, adding another layer of motivation. Clicking is like saying you reject free help.

2. Give People What They Want (OfficeVibe)

The promise of a more efficient life makes for incredibly effective CTAs. OfficeVibe not only promises to make your workplace better, it tells you how much of your time it's going to take. Their subhead reads, "Engage your employees in less than 5 minutes per month." The button reads "Start free trial," and above it are the words "Sign up in 10 seconds." For managers seeking to build better teams, the promise is compelling and risk free.

3. Follow the Money (

"Sign up today for a 10% off coupon," reads's popover, which is essentially a request for visitors' email addresses. Paired with the coupon for first-timers, the offer combines urgency and savings.

These call to action examples show what all marketers seeking to boost conversion can inject into their own CTAs. Once you've identified your highest bouncing pages, you can try A/B testing your problem pages with different design and text elements to tweak performance. You might also try working with a trusted partner to understand why your visitors are dropping off, and get your CTAs converting.

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