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3 Landing Page Copy Mistakes Hurting Your Conversions

Landing page copyWhile marketers spend a lot of time looking at how page layout, button design and font size on a landing page influence conversions, they may be inadvertently ignoring one of the biggest factors that influences consumers — landing page copy. If you've tried everything and are still not meeting conversion goals, it may be time to go back to the basics and take a hard look at your copy. Keep an eye out for these three common mistakes.

1. Copy That's Too Long

We've all heard the axiom "bigger is better," but when it comes to landing page copy a more apt expression would be "less is more." If your landing page is wordy and includes paragraphs detailing the features of your product or service, consumers may feel overwhelmed and navigate away. Instead, fill your landing page with short statements that invite the reader to learn more by navigating through your website or signing up to be contacted via phone, email or text.

2. Copy That's Heavy on Numbers

According to Search Engine Land, when marketers are talking about numbers — such as discounts or prices — it's always better to explain what the numbers mean rather than what they are. For instance, a business running a 25 percent off sale might use copy on their landing page that proclaims, "Our biggest sale ever!" and then gives details about the exact discount to those who click through to learn more.

3. Copy That Misses the Big Picture

Details are important, but they don't belong on a landing page. No matter how a consumer arrived at your landing page, whether from clicking on an ad or performing an organic search, the fact remains that you have one chance to tell them how your product or service will impact their lives. For instance, instead of touting how your organic coffee is grown on sustainable land and not chemically processed, simply state, "Great for the environment, delicious in your cup!" Consumers who want to find out how your brand of coffee is different can learn more after an initial positive impression.

Dozens of factors affect conversion, but landing page copy is one of the most obvious. Yet many marketers can't see the forest for the trees. By considering the words you're using, you can ensure you're not making any of these common mistakes.

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