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Give your Creative Messaging… More Power

iStock-891625526More often than not, your clients only see the end result of what can be weeks or even months of work that goes on behind the scenes. They aren’t on the creative brainstorming calls or on the phone after hours making those last-minute copy tweaks, and that’s okay if they’re not. Because in the end, all the work you put in to your creative messaging can add up to a huge win for you and the client.

But sometimes the work doesn’t add up. Then what do you do? The answer is simple…. 

Use Power Words

Creative messaging isn’t just about sounding good — it's also about using the power of words to spur potential consumers into action. One of the best ways to do that is pull from a list of "trigger words". They’re great for commanding the viewer's attention and encourage them to click by adding a sense of urgency to your ad.

Here are just a few words you can weave into your messaging to drive engagement:

  • You/Your
  • Free
  • Instant
  • Exclusive
  • Hurry
  • Now
  • Today

Give Your Calls-to-Action Extra Love

The call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most critical elements of your digital ad. In addition to implementing the trigger words mentioned above, it's essential you keep your CTAs short, actionable and personalized. Personalized CTAs perform 202 percent better than non-personalized versions, according to HubSpot.

A few examples of a personalized CTA are…

Using the person’s name if you are reaching out directly through email or text.  

"Adam, register for your free consultation now!"

Or, in the case of a digital ad, you may vary the CTA by audience. You may want to create an ad targeting prospects with the CTA "Sign Up Now," and a second ad targeting existing customers, the CTA may say "Upgrade Now."

Also, pay close attention to the CTA color. It’s important that that the button pops from its background. Just as an example, if your ad imagery is composed of subdued blue tones, consider making your CTA a bright orange or red. Just be careful that the colors do clash. Multiple bright colors could put consumers off your ad.

Communicate Your Real Value

Companies always want to highlight their product or service's many features, or share facts about the organization such as, "Locally owned for more than 20 years." The hard truth is, your customers don't care about these things as much as they care about what your product will do to help them. To fully engage a prospect and drive action, your value messaging should focus on how your solution will address your audience's primary pain point.

For example, instead of a bike shop claiming, "Our bicycles have a 17-pound carbon frame designed for maximum momentum," they'd be better off using the customer-focused copy, "Our lightweight bicycles are easy to carry and help you reach faster speeds with less effort."

Creative messages are the key to earning your audience's attention and driving engagement. By including these three tips in your next digital campaign, you can quickly increase ROI and meet your marketing objectives.

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