How to Approach COVID-Related Ad Messaging

Posted By Jennifer Dragon on March 31, 2020

As we write this, over 2.8 billion people are on lockdown across the globe. The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has dramatically changed the way we all communicate, engage, and resonate with one another. Business handshakes have quickly turned into Skype meetings, and consumers are digesting the news, social media, and videos at incredibly high rates.

For marketers, this is a time of stress and potential. Never before have so many people been glued to their phone screens, yet businesses are facing unparalleled financial struggles that are creating unique frictions for their marketing campaigns. To survive this pandemic, businesses need to lean on digital marketing. Retailers may have shut their doors, but their online ordering systems are still up and running. As a new wave of online shoppers (including those who traditionally only shop via brick-and-mortar) flocks to Google, the potential to keep liquidity flowing rests almost entirely on digital marketers' shoulders.

Start with Your Creatives

The question is, where do you start? For most of us, our ad campaigns and social campaigns are preset. Now, those springtime plans of amazing live events, Easter celebrations, and outdoor-oriented ad campaigns aren't as valuable as they seemed to be three months ago. Winning the digital marketing war will happen with creatives. How you position your brand in the light of this unprecedented pandemic will dictate how well your business performs in these unique conditions. That all starts with your creatives.

There have never been more people consuming media than there is today. Well-targeted and well-created campaigns can help you win new customers, but they have to be done right. Shift your focus to creatives that resonate with today's self-isolation - not run-of-the-mill spring campaigns.

How Has Your Business Responded?

This is a new world for all of us. Consumers are dealing with new stressors like remote work and isolation. And brands are dealing with finding ways to market to a self-isolated user base. So, naturally, some savvy brands are directly using COVID-19 in their campaigns. Now, we understand the nuance of using a pandemic in marketing. It can be done in poor taste. Like any good marketing campaign, the goal should be to show value to consumers - not milk a pandemic for quick sales. Let customers know - through digital advertising - how your business is responding. Are your in-home technicians practicing CDC guidelines? Do you offer curbside pickup? Do you offer shop-at-home? Let your customers know that you've responded and how.

Show Support

Now is the perfect time to use creatives to showcase your support for people during their trying times. While some brands are transforming into full-blown donation machines (like myBurgerLab, who is using their staff to help the elderly run errands), you don't have to completely reshape your business during this pandemic. However, you should absolutely use your creatives to showcase your support. Look at this incredibly simple social media post by Nike. It's simple. Yet they're spreading awareness for social distancing. You don't have to break the bank. Keep it simple, and definitely don't overuse COVID-19 in your campaigns. Remember, your goal is to show that you care.

Are You Struggling With Your Creatives During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Digital marketers across the globe are rushing to find ways to reshape their campaigns and their creatives. Are you having a little trouble finding the light at the end of the tunnel? We can help! Contact us to learn how Cox Media Group Local Solutions can help you and your business navigate this incredibly complex period of time.