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Landing Page Design That Will Land Results

Landing page designIt can be difficult to create a landing page design that is both attractive and effective. Here are some guidelines that will help you ensure that your landing page lands you results.

Keep It Simple

You should make your navigation system so user-friendly that your customer can get anywhere with one click. To avoid confusion and keep your user's attention, you should also make sure that the link your user clicks on to get to your website lands them on the page with the information they were promised.

The visual appeal of your landing page also plays an important role in your user's experience. A simple design is most appealing because it is not overwhelming to the user. You should make sure that your design — i.e., headers and color scheme — is consistent across all touch points.

Use Great Copy

As HubSpot explains, the days of selling product capabilities are over. You no longer have to sell your customer on your specific products and services and why they're better than those offered by your competitors. Instead, you need to pitch the benefits of getting these specific products and services through your company. While you're at it, you can add customer testimonials to put a face on your company. This will raise your credibility and reliability.

Show Your Customer

It's important to make sure that your images present people who look like your customers, so that your visitors will know that they're in the right place. But don't let your visitors get distracted: the people in your images should be looking toward your call-to-action (CTA). It's likely that your visitors will follow this directional signal to your message.

Make It Clear

To get your message across effectively, you should make sure that you have a lot of white space and your CTA is clear in terms of placement, size and color. You should also keep your content as short as possible.

In a further effort to prevent your audience from wandering off of your website, you should not include a banner or ask for more information than you need. According to Brand Populace, 51 percent of visitors will leave a website if they are asked to provide their birthday and phone number. You should also avoid putting multiple offers on the same landing page. According to Wishpond, this can decrease conversions by 266 percent.

Use Video

A great way to keep your landing page clear and uncluttered is to use video, which can boil down a lot of content into an easy-to-digest chunk of information. And your videos do not need to be elaborately produced to be effective. Just make sure that you optimize them for mobile devices.

Whenever you're unsure if a landing page design will work for your company, you should look to A/B testing. According to Wishpond, one out of eight A/B tests has resulted in a major landing page change, which is why it is still the most used method to increase conversion rates. You can use A/B testing to help you determine the right colors and images to use, where you should place certain elements and which types of information you should offer and request.

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