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Importance of Email Marketing in the Time of COVID-19

In today's uncertain world, there's one sure way your marketing team can remain productive and reach existing leads: email marketing. Read More

Does Your Business Need Help During COVID-19?

As the world continues to reel from COVID-19, Cox Media Group Local Solutions is putting its best foot forward to help businesses manage changes and continue growing. Read More

How to Approach COVID-Related Ad Messaging

Your ad campaigns and social campaigns probably aren't relevant in the current environment. Here's how to shift your focus in light of COVID-19. Read More

Best Three Tools for Your Geolocation Mobile Marketing Needs

Geolocation mobile marketing is a range of tools that can be utilized in many ways. It's important to consider your marketing needs before you start. Read More

How are SMBs Affected by Zero Click Searches?

Zero click searches are becoming more commonplace so it's important for small and medium-sized businesses to understand how it affects their campaigns. Read More

What is Facebook's New Off-Facebook Activity Tool?

Facebook's new Off-Facebook Activity tool is raising eyebrows around the world. What is it and what does it mean for you? Read More

Business Spotlight: Fence Outlet

Learn how CMG Local Solutions helped Fence Outlet develop successful advertising strategies with personalized reporting, customer service, and campaigns. Read More

Update to Understanding Voice Search and its Business Impact

Position your business for success with these best practices for the new era of search... voice search, that is. Read More

Video Ads That Work

Video ads can be a powerful marketing tool with the right strategy. These simple best practices can help you achieve greater ROI on videos. Read More

3 Tips for Post-Holiday Marketing

Now that the holiday rush is behind us, it's time to rethink our marketing strategies. How can you make the most of the post-holiday lull? Start here. Read More

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