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Business Spotlight: Fence Outlet

Learn how CMG Local Solutions helped Fence Outlet develop successful advertising strategies with personalized reporting, customer service, and campaigns. Read More

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Update to Understanding Voice Search and its Business Impact

Position your business for success with these best practices for the new era of search... voice search, that is. Read More

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Video Ads That Work

Video ads can be a powerful marketing tool with the right strategy. These simple best practices can help you achieve greater ROI on videos. Read More

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3 Tips for Post-Holiday Marketing

Now that the holiday rush is behind us, it's time to rethink our marketing strategies. How can you make the most of the post-holiday lull? Start here. Read More

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3 Key Takeaways from Google's Approach to SEO

Search engine optimization connects businesses with relevant audiences who search for their products and services. In late 2019, Google provided an inside look at how they think about SEO. Each tip highlights SEO strategies they use which you can also use to gain significant, measurable growth. Read More


Which Objective is Right for Your Campaign: “Get Noticed”, “Be Found”, or “Convert”?

Media campaigns work best when they are well-planned and seek to accomplish a specific objective. Here's how to get noticed, be found, and convert. Read More

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Business Spotlight: US Auto

US Auto is an automotive dealership delivers vehicles to consumers across a plethora of demographics. Find out more about their strategy! Read More


The Power of Audio Ads

Most marketers are focused on visual content, leaving the world of digital audio fertile ground for novel ways to target local audiences. Read More


The 5 Best Places to Distribute Your Business Information

Learn how digital spaces are disrupting the advertising status quo and making it easier than ever to find local customers. Read More


The Status of Digital Marketing 2019

Digital marketing is here to stay! For the first time, digital advertising will make up approximately one-half of the world's ad market. Read More

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